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Creating parrot stationery products is actually a hobby. The formal company Scarlet’s Feathers didn’t survive but I wanted an outlet to continue with taking parrot pictures and designing cards, sneakers, mugs and so forth. Zazzle has been a great resource for my artistic outlet.

That hasn’t been the only place for the wonderful parrot pictures!

eBook Cover

I’ve spent over thirty years as the bridge between the business community and technologists. I help medium and large size companies translate ideas into growth. I provide a road map to help build the technology systems to meet the new strategy and vision. Even in this venue…I’m known as the Parrot Lady!

I’m a management consultant, speaker, and author. The later being how the parrot pictures have been used. I produced a book and a methodology I called “Parrotology.”

Take a look at the Parrotology Launch Pad. Share with any technologist. Many are parrot lovers like yourself.

Mentioned in a previous post, the flowers are blooming very early this year. What normally is in bloom around Mother’s day, was in full bloom in April. We couldn’t resist and not branch out of the parrot-themed with some of the beautiful pictures of the VanVleck house with the Wisteria in full bloom. Here are some of the note cards we designed. Click on the image if you want the specific note card.

Wisteria Balcony Note Card

Wisteria Cluster Note Card

I made these patriotic cards to support my nephew on his multiple tours to the middle east. If you have anyone serving in the US Military, remember them…honor them…they are fighting for our freedom. (Versed and Blank Greeting Cards available at our zazzle nest.)

Flowers are blooming very early this year. It just happened that my husband and I decided to visit the NY Botanical Gardens when their Peonies were in bloom. What a spectacular showing this year. I couldn’t resist. I took pictures and converted them into blank note cards and stamps.

Click on the image if you wish to order the card or stamp. To see the entire collection of Scarlet’s Feathers Peonies, click here.

We created a card and mug just for the writers you know when they feel that horrendous writer’s block. The design is based upon the wonderful pictures supplied by Susan Weber of her beloved Grey, Tiki. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. The fact that Susan got a great picture of Tiki planning his next move…and then taking action is what makes this design soooooooo special!

Click on the card or here to order Writer’s Block. This is our first (and so far only) greeting card with a picture on the outside and inside. What do you think? Do you like this? Have other ideas that we can use this new style?

Here’s the mug version:

If you want to purchase this mug, click on the picture or here:

This is our first (and so far only) greeting card with a picture on the outside and inside. What do you think? Do you like this? Have other ideas that we can use this new style?

The sneakers have been a BIG hit. Scarlet’s Feathers currently offers seven different sneakers featuring a female eclectus, moluccan cockatoo, cockatiel, sun conure, african grey, blue and gold macaw, yellow naped amazon.

Add a comment below and let me know what parrot species you would like to see on sneakers next. If I have a good picture, I’ll put it on the list to design.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20th.

A new card design (featuring Tiki…Susan Weber’s CAG) for the Pop in your life!


Outside Verse: Pop, I know money doesn’t grow on trees!


Inside Verse: It grows inside your wallet!
Closing Verse: Happy Pop’s Day

Click either image or here to order this Father’s Day Card.

To see our Father’s Day collection, click here.

Hi all,

It’s getting a bit much to produce a blog, ezine, and keep our facebook page up to date. I’d like to know from you…which do you prefer?

It’s that time of year again.

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