Creating parrot stationery products is actually a hobby. The formal company Scarlet’s Feathers didn’t survive but I wanted an outlet to continue with taking parrot pictures and designing cards, sneakers, mugs and so forth. Zazzle has been a great resource for my artistic outlet.

That hasn’t been the only place for the wonderful parrot pictures!

eBook Cover

I’ve spent over thirty years as the bridge between the business community and technologists. I help medium and large size companies translate ideas into growth. I provide a road map to help build the technology systems to meet the new strategy and vision. Even in this venue…I’m known as the Parrot Lady!

I’m a management consultant, speaker, and author. The later being how the parrot pictures have been used. I produced a book and a methodology I called “Parrotology.”

Take a look at the Parrotology Launch Pad. Share with any technologist. Many are parrot lovers like yourself.